Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Exciting News

I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby in October 2008.  Lee and I were thrilled and at six weeks, told all our family and close friends.  Everyone was chuffed to bits for us.  Our daughter, Phoebe was 17 months when we found out I was pregnant, so that meant there would be just over a 2 year gap when the baby arrived in July.  We were fortunate that we got pregnant almost immediately, so this was exactly what we'd hoped for when we'd been "family planning" so to speak!  I had a smooth and relatively easy pregnancy with Phoebe (apart from being induced-nasty!).  There were no complications or problems, just heartburn and swollen ankles towards the end.  In my ignorance, I expected my second pregnancy to be the same and to a degree, it was.........

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