Monday, 3 January 2011

My Inspiration

Sharing my story on a blog is not something that I ever considered until I recently met a beautiful baby girl who tragically isn't expected to reach her first birthday.  Little Miss Ellie and her parents really touched me and after meeting them, I realized that I needed to share my story in the hope that I may help, comfort or maybe even inspire someone to perhaps take a different course of action in their life and the life of their unborn baby.

I lost my beautiful baby boy, Benjamin almost 18 months ago.  I would like to dedicate this blog not only to my beautiful Benjamin but to all the other little angels who have been taken from this life so prematurely and to all the wonderful parents that are an inspiration to me and so many others in times of such adversity, who continue to smile and campaign for their cause despite the pain they are suffering.

To gorgeous Miss Ellie and her parents who inspired me so much when I met them today and to beautiful little Charlie Benjamin Mann and his parents who also inspired me when I read about them in my local paper, all of whom are so brave and strong.

My story follows....

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