Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Results

The wait for the results was awful.  I couldn't think about anything else and Lee and I couldn't talk about anything else, again going through every concievable scenario.  We did our best to carry on as normally as possible for Phoebe's sake.  Every time the phone rang, my stomach turned over.

And then the call came.  Thankfully Lee was home.  A nice lady spoke on the other end of the phone but I sensed in her voice that it wasn't good news and she confirmed it as soon as she spoke.  "It's not good news I'm afraid - we have the results of the amnio and your baby has Patau Syndrome".  Patau Syndrome?  What was that?  I'd never heard of it.  She spelt it out for me but I was still non the wiser.  She explained that it was a duplication of chromosone 13.  What did it mean?  How was this going to affect our baby? Then she uttered those life changing words....."Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with life".  Silence. 

Our baby was going to die.

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